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This series of works present a mixture of myths and cosmogonies as means of expression, representing meta-paintings with the use of pre-hispanic tattoos and creating new myths  that connect us with our past and our contemporary time.


The paintings Raul presents in “New Myths” depict the blending of occidental gods and mythological characters such as Jesus Christ, Sisyphus, Narcissus and nymphs together 

with pre-hispanic gods like Quetzalcoatl, Mexican heroes like the Pipila and mystical animals like the shamanic blue deer.


His work transits from a neo-baroque figuration to a visceral and immediate neo-expressionist abstraction with the consistency of distinctive simple archetypal symbols creating a subjective narrative for the spectator. 


Vast layers of oil paint in organic and psychedelic forms and careful graphic language lead 

to a metamorphosis of iconic characters.

The syncretism through the pieces tells us about the importance of the integration between cultures and traditions empowering and connecting us, proposing new myths and archetypes that help us to discern our path through our evolutionary process. For Raúl there is no other form but through syncretism to achieve peace in this warlike times. 

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